Who We Are

"When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream"

TrulyBiz is the brainchild of founder Toni Jones. It was created in response to recognizing a need in the community for a small business hub. After scrolling through social media and seeing a number of requests for goods and services from small businesses, she came up with the idea to create a directory that will serve as a one stop shop for all of your small business needs. After spending time in college and in professional settings with co-founder, Jennifer Williams, she felt that her skills and background would lead to a successful partnership. TrulyBiz will work to locate and highlight small businesses within your community. This site will provide you with full service small business interaction for customers and vendors alike. We hope you enjoy all that this site has to offer. 

Our Mission

To provide a space that will allow small businesses to create opportunity for themselves as well as the greater community. With the focus being only on small businesses, we are collectively contributing to growth and economic stimulation at the community level.

Our Vision

A platform where small businesses can finally be seen without the clutter. On social media platforms, entrepreneurs post their content and it quickly gets lost in the scroll. Therefore, we created a space specifically to cater to small businesses and their supporters. Too often people are looking for products and services that are right in their backyard. TrulyBiz makes it easier for the company and the customers to access one another.

What TrulyBiz Is?

A small business directory that connects consumers to small businesses locally and nationally based on their preferences.